Our Tea Just Got Fairer!

This month’s Wayfairer Hero and a new tea comes to the Bistro!

We celebrate one of our most faithful producers and look to get all Garden Force on our back yard…

Extending the al fresco dining area

The Summer’s now in full swing and with the Bistro now benefiting from more custom than ever we’ve managed to scrape together the money to start making some structural changes to the building.

Since we opened the place we’ve always wanted to make use of the yard are out back – unfortunately it had been treated as a dumping yard by the previous tenants for decades, so it had to proved to be too much of a job for us to handle early on. Now, with more man power and funds than ever before, we’ve been able to get the junk moved and get a good look at the space that we have at our disposal.

This week we had a local engineering team with their survey equipment to take a look at what we can feasibly do with the space. Although the initial plan of simply extending the dining area had to be scrapped, we were glad to find out that we’d be able to construct a decent decking area that would be able to serve the same purpose during the busy summer months. This kind of work can be completed without planning permission which means that we can get started right away!

Celebrating Jackie Tomlinsson: Our wonderful veg grower

From day one, Jackie has been supporting us with our mission to create a restaurant that is ethically responsible in as many ways as possible. Since 1995, Jackie has been cultivating some of the area’s best organic produce including heritage potatoes, award-winning kale and purple sprouting broccoli. Although Jax was disappointed to hear that we weren’t going to be serving exclusively vegan food, she soon warmed to the idea of what we were doing and has been supplying with her delicious veggies ever since.

Despite reaching the grand age of 70 last year, our Jackie remains the sole manager of her land and has become known far and wide as the only completely vegan farmer in the county. We’re proud to have her as one of our suppliers and hope we are cooking with her fantastic veggies for a long time to come!

Now stocking: Clipper Fairtrade Tea

Widely known in the Fairtrade community as the go-to tea for any ethical eater, Clipper Tea was the first Fairtrade certified tea and is the most popular brand of its kind in the UK. Since 1994 Clipper have worked with tea producers all over the world to ensure that they deliver a product that is not only of a high standard, but also puts the interests of the growers first. Tea farmers in India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi receive $0.50 for every kilo of tea that they sell in addition to Premiums which help their communities invest in education, healthcare and other social projects.

Feel free to ask any of our staff about the provenance of any our items on the menu and they’ll be happy to tell you where the ingredients came from and how they worked their way to your plate!

Changes Are Coming To Wayfairer!

We’re making a few changes to the Bistro.

This month we’re introducing a new soft drink to quench your thirst, two members of staff and much more…

Now stocking: Ubuntu Cola

We’ve avoided serving soft drinks at the Bistro for a long time, purely because we’ve found it impossible to find a beverage that adheres to our stringent rules on sustainability and ethical responsibility, that is until we found Ubuntu Cola.

Made by the Natural Beverage Co. (the smarty-pants folks behind froo-t and FruitHit), Ubuntu Cola is a completely Fairtrade cola beverage that is created with the sub-Saharan philosophy of human kindness in mind. Not only is all Ubuntu Cola made with sugar from Fairtrade plantations, but the money from each can we sell goes towards to helping the farmers’ communities back in Malawi.

Staff: Jessie and Falstaff

We’re happy to announce that we’ve got two new starters this week. Jessie has been waiting for a job with us ever since we opened last year and we’re so glad to have them on board.

The whole team here have got to know them during the past year and have always enjoyed hearing their latest news, so we’re proud to have them finally put an apron on and join us at the Bistro. Falstaff, meanwhile, is a relative newcomer to the area. He’s a chef by trade and has already proven himself at being quite the creative – we’re looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the team!

We now offer Gluten-free toast!

It’s taken us some time but we’ve finally got our hands on a gluten-free loaf that satisfies both our stringent ethical responsibilities, as well as the allergen tests required for us to serve Gluten-Free food.

Over the last decade there have been more diagnoses of gluten-based intolerances and allergies, although we’ve always aimed to cater to as many different people as possible, due to the delicate nature of this particular allergen we’ve not been able to promise completely gluten-free food until now. Our Gluten-free toast made in a controlled environment, guaranteeing you a worry-free slice.

Evening Folks session starting next week…

It was always part of our plan to have music at our Bistro and now we’ve got the equipment (and the permission) to do so! Although we’ve been petitioned by many of our regulars to hold an open mic night, we’ve decided to hold off on that plan for a little while, in favour of focusing on a particular genre.

Folk music has been at the heart of our little Bistro for some time now, it’s the one genre of music that ties together all the people that work here, so it makes sense that we invite some of our favourite local performers to play for us. We’ll be holding a weekly Folk session every Thursday afternoon, so come on down and check it out!