Getting Stuck Into Some Renovations

Deep cleaning, wall painting and stage building!

We’re going to be closing down for the next few weeks in order to get some much needed renovation work done.

Before the Summer season truly gets into full swing we’ve decided to close down for a few days in order to get some vital work done on the building. Our little Bistro has always been a firm proponent of ‘shabby chic’. Much like the motley crew of excellent folks we have working here, the dining area exudes a cosy warmth and rustic sensibility. However, unlike our staff, this understated style has started to slide into flat-out decrepitude, so we thought it would be a good idea to spend some time breathing some life back into our beloved Bistro.

We’ve spent three days getting some vital work done, hopefully you’ll appreciate the hard work we’ve put in:

Hanging doors…

At several points during these days some of us wished we’d taken time off instead of coming in. None of us had ever hung a door before and, as a result, it was quite the challenge fitting the 6 modern composite doors that we’d managed to get our grubby little mitts on. Whilst not the most exciting addition to our Bistro, we had all fallen foul of the rickety wooden ones that we were replacing at some point during the last year, so we were more than happy to sort them out – we just wish it hadn’t taken so long!

Deep cleaning the kitchen!

When we hire any new team members we’re always transparent when it comes to explaining how much cleaning they will have to do (hint: A LOT!). Our kitchen is kept hygienic throughout our services, however there are always the odd nooks and crannies that evade even our most meticulous cleaners. These three days gave us a clear opportunity to reach into those dirty corners and give them a good scrub. Everyone pitched in (even the bosses!) and the place has never looked better!

Redecorating and sprucing.

Whilst doors were being hung and the kitchen was being scrubbed, a few (luckier) employees were given the task of redecorating the entire Bistro. Although they had to use the previous colour scheme that our customers have come to grow and love, they were give complete creative control over the brand new blackboard murals which will be adorning our walls for the rest of the Summer. These murals are a perfect example of how we allow our employees to take ownership of their workplace, something that we believe is key to their satisfaction.

Erecting the new stage…

After a string of successful music events we’ve managed to raise enough money to purchase a permanent stage for the Bistro. Before this we were using temporary stage blocks which always felt a little amateurish, but our new custom built stage certainly dispels that vibe. Thanks to an investment in rugged foldaway furniture we’ll be able to make use of the space for dining during the day, whilst the space beneath can be used to store our sound equipment.

We’d like to thank you all for bearing with us for the last few days and we hope you enjoy the new renovations!

Get Stuck into Summer at the Way Fairer Bistro

There’s plenty to get excited for in the upcoming months…

Building gets underway and we offer you a chance to learn some plant-based recipes!

Learn from our chefs: Vegan Cookery Course

Have you considered trying vegan food before? We live in an age where ethical eating has never been more commonplace and, although we’re not a strictly-vegan establishment we understand that many folks would like to know what a vegan diet would look (and taste) like! Luckily for those people, our kitchen staff are 50% vegan and love to share their lifestyle with other people.

Talk to one of our staff to find about the series of Vegan Cookery Courses that we’re going to be running throughout the summer. We provide everything that you’ll need to learn: the ingredients, the equipment and the tuition – all you need to bring is an upbeat attitude and £10. In one lesson we’ll show you how to whip up a tasty, nutritious, three-course meal that is completely plant-based. Each lesson will take you through a different three-course dinner plan, giving you plenty of inspiration to pursue your own vegan lifestyle should it be to your liking.

Work on the decking is underway!

After we had a team of surveyors in to check out our messy yard we’ve been able to get to work on sorting out our decking. Our south-facing garden gets a good load of sunshine through these long days making it a perfect location for an outside dining area. If you were wondering if we were planning on applying our same ethical procedures to our building then you would be right! We’ve ensured that the wood that makes up our new decking is completely sustainable, even the varnish we’re using is eco-friendly!

With the help of a local building firm (as well as our a handful of our trusty friends) we’re going to be laying down the decking this coming weekend, so you can expect to be dining in the glorious sunshine within the fortnight – that is, if this English summer stays with us!

We welcome a new dish to the menu…

We always like to keep our menu fresh here at the Way Fairer Bistro and we think our chefs have really outdone themselves with their latest creation. If you’re looking to keep the calories off, or if you’re unlucky enough to have an intolerance to gluten then you’ll love our new Hispanic Omelette. Featuring free-range eggs, Fairtrade avos and even locally sourced coriander this is a dish that offers plenty of nutritional goodness as well as bags of flavour.

Using the avocado instead of mayonnaise, our chefs whip up a fresh coleslaw with lime, cabbage, carrot, onion and a slice of chilli for a spicy zing. All of our omelettes are made fresh to order with a sprinkling of local cheddar and cooked on a medium heat to ensure they stay smooth and silky inside. In a couple of minutes they’re served on a plate with that lovely zingy ‘slaw and wedge of lime for an extra – we give you two because we know how addictive they are!

Come on in this summer to check out the boards to see what other great summer eats we have on offer. 

Oven Cleaning, Pudding Pots and Dairy Farms

Our Chefs Get Creative and Our Ovens Get Cleaned

We hire some help to sort our ovens out and our chefs create a lovely sweet treat that will be guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

We get our ovens deep cleaned

Some jobs are simply too filthy for our crew to tackle alone and scrubbing our well-used ovens is certainly one of them. Although our chefs always make sure that our kitchen is absolutely spotless at the end of each shift, our New World ovens are notoriously tricky to keep clean. As with all of our gear, the ovens are scheduled in for an annual deep clean which guarantees that we stay within Health & Safety guidelines and that our equipment continues to perform at optimum levels.

After taking a look at some online reviews for the best oven cleaners we stumbled across Ovenu, a well-established brand that has seemingly cornered the oven cleaning industry. We gave them a call and we soon had a strapping young lad knocking on our door looking to take our oven apart. After just two hours, Michael had completely dismantled and deep-cleaned all our ovens and left them looking like they were brand new. Needless to say, we’ll be leaving our own positive review in due course.

Fairtrade Banana Peanut Butter

Everyone’s got a favourite dessert and this was certainly a contender when our chefs passed some samples out last weekend. We tasked our cooks with creating a brand new dessert for our Summer menu that put delicious Fairtrade goods front and centre; so that’s exactly what they did with their latest creation.

Our new Fairtrade Banana Peanut Butter Pudding Pot is deliriously tasty whilst also being pretty good for you! High in protein and low in added sugar, these pudding pots are made with Fairtrade tofu, bananas and a big dollop of organic peanut butter. We know our waiting staff had a great time tasting these new puds, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy trying them too!

Honouring our dairy supplier

Each and every one of our new healthy Fairtrade Peanut Butter Pudding Pots are topped with a dollop of delicious fresh whipped cream (arguably detracting from the healthy side of it) that we receive daily from local dairy producer: Jacob Masterson. The quality of the cream really makes this dessert which is why we’ve decided to highlight Jacob as our Wayfairer Hero for his commitment to animal welfare and end product quality.

We sent Oona, our head waitress, down to Jacob’s farm to meet him, as well as the 300 or so cows that he and his team rear, just a few miles away from the Bistro. Here’s Oona’s write up of the visit:

“I’ve always loved cows. Their big dopey eyes are so cute and they’re always so gentle with their young. Although I’ve eaten my fair share of steaks in my time, I have to admit that I might hesitate before I order another one after visiting Jacob’s farm. I know many people don’t like the smell of cows, but it’s something that you get used to when you live in our neck of the woods and it’s certainly something that Jacob doesn’t mind, especially when he has to look after over 300 of these beautiful creatures!”

You can try our new Fairtrade Banana Peanut Butter Pudding Pot for the rest of the Summer.

Ranjit’s Research Trip and a New Weekly Folk Night

New Events and Dishes Abound!

Jendrews Presents… will showcase new Folk, whilst our Ranjit gets inspiration from our local producers.

Jendrews return for a series of Folk events

Following the roaring success of our first folk night with the great Terry Jendrews, we’ve decided to continue holding charitable music events with the celebrated folkman curating each and every event for the next year.

Jendrews Presents… will be a showcase for the country’s finest upcoming folk acts, as well as providing a stage for some of the other elder statesmen of the genre who, like Terry, are looking to dust off their guitars for the occasional jaunt.

Terry has just finished putting together his first lineup, here’s what he had to say about it: 

“It’s an absolute privilege for me to be curating this weekly event for Way Fairer. My show here, just a few weeks ago, was a great success and it raised some much-needed funds for some great causes; with that in mind I’m determined to make each Jendrews Presents… as good as the next, so that we can continue to help out the people who need it most.

I’ll be playing a few new songs to get things going and then I’ll be introducing Jessica Makeware, followed by The Bawdy Brothers. These are all young artists who have shown the utmost respect to folk as a genre and I can’t wait to introduce them to you all!”

We’ll be selling tickets for Jendrews Presents… in the Bistro, so make sure you drop by to pick yours up!

Ranjit’s Trip to the Slaughterhouse!

Whilst 50% of our workforce is vegan, the other 50% love to eat meat.

Although many folks are surprised to find that we serve meat, we stand by our commitment of providing ethical food, which means that we always ensure that all the meat that ends on your plate has been fairly treated whilst it was living and breathing. The way we keep to this promise is by visiting all of our meat suppliers in person, this is easy for us as all our meat is supplied by local producers!

Recently, our newest recruit Ranjit took a visit to our poultry supplier to get an understanding of what we’re about here and to find some inspiration for his first dish. Here are his thoughts, in his own words:

“I’d never been to a chicken farm before, so I was interested to see what Tony, our poultry supplier, had to show me. I’d always imagined chicken farms as being lots of cages and a terrible smell, but when I arrived, it was clear to see that Tony cared for his livestock.

Hundreds of chickens, ducks, pigeons and quails were milling around in carefully segmented fields with oodles of space. Tony showed me the hatchery, where the next batch of birds were getting ready to hatch and he gave me a tour around the ethically-focused abattoir. I left his farm confident that Way Fairer had made the right choice picking him as a supplier, I was also inspired to create a dish that would exhibit the best of what his farm had to offer.”

You can taste Ranjit’s Triple-Bird Curry in the Bistro for the next fortnight – get it whilst you can!

Changes Are Coming To Wayfairer!

We’re making a few changes to the Bistro.

This month we’re introducing a new soft drink to quench your thirst, two members of staff and much more…

Now stocking: Ubuntu Cola

We’ve avoided serving soft drinks at the Bistro for a long time, purely because we’ve found it impossible to find a beverage that adheres to our stringent rules on sustainability and ethical responsibility, that is until we found Ubuntu Cola.

Made by the Natural Beverage Co. (the smarty-pants folks behind froo-t and FruitHit), Ubuntu Cola is a completely Fairtrade cola beverage that is created with the sub-Saharan philosophy of human kindness in mind. Not only is all Ubuntu Cola made with sugar from Fairtrade plantations, but the money from each can we sell goes towards to helping the farmers’ communities back in Malawi.

Staff: Jessie and Falstaff

We’re happy to announce that we’ve got two new starters this week. Jessie has been waiting for a job with us ever since we opened last year and we’re so glad to have them on board.

The whole team here have got to know them during the past year and have always enjoyed hearing their latest news, so we’re proud to have them finally put an apron on and join us at the Bistro. Falstaff, meanwhile, is a relative newcomer to the area. He’s a chef by trade and has already proven himself at being quite the creative – we’re looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the team!

We now offer Gluten-free toast!

It’s taken us some time but we’ve finally got our hands on a gluten-free loaf that satisfies both our stringent ethical responsibilities, as well as the allergen tests required for us to serve Gluten-Free food.

Over the last decade there have been more diagnoses of gluten-based intolerances and allergies, although we’ve always aimed to cater to as many different people as possible, due to the delicate nature of this particular allergen we’ve not been able to promise completely gluten-free food until now. Our Gluten-free toast made in a controlled environment, guaranteeing you a worry-free slice.

Evening Folks session starting next week…

It was always part of our plan to have music at our Bistro and now we’ve got the equipment (and the permission) to do so! Although we’ve been petitioned by many of our regulars to hold an open mic night, we’ve decided to hold off on that plan for a little while, in favour of focusing on a particular genre.

Folk music has been at the heart of our little Bistro for some time now, it’s the one genre of music that ties together all the people that work here, so it makes sense that we invite some of our favourite local performers to play for us. We’ll be holding a weekly Folk session every Thursday afternoon, so come on down and check it out!