Get Stuck into Summer at the Way Fairer Bistro

There’s plenty to get excited for in the upcoming months…

Building gets underway and we offer you a chance to learn some plant-based recipes!

Learn from our chefs: Vegan Cookery Course

Have you considered trying vegan food before? We live in an age where ethical eating has never been more commonplace and, although we’re not a strictly-vegan establishment we understand that many folks would like to know what a vegan diet would look (and taste) like! Luckily for those people, our kitchen staff are 50% vegan and love to share their lifestyle with other people.

Talk to one of our staff to find about the series of Vegan Cookery Courses that we’re going to be running throughout the summer. We provide everything that you’ll need to learn: the ingredients, the equipment and the tuition – all you need to bring is an upbeat attitude and £10. In one lesson we’ll show you how to whip up a tasty, nutritious, three-course meal that is completely plant-based. Each lesson will take you through a different three-course dinner plan, giving you plenty of inspiration to pursue your own vegan lifestyle should it be to your liking.

Work on the decking is underway!

After we had a team of surveyors in to check out our messy yard we’ve been able to get to work on sorting out our decking. Our south-facing garden gets a good load of sunshine through these long days making it a perfect location for an outside dining area. If you were wondering if we were planning on applying our same ethical procedures to our building then you would be right! We’ve ensured that the wood that makes up our new decking is completely sustainable, even the varnish we’re using is eco-friendly!

With the help of a local building firm (as well as our a handful of our trusty friends) we’re going to be laying down the decking this coming weekend, so you can expect to be dining in the glorious sunshine within the fortnight – that is, if this English summer stays with us!

We welcome a new dish to the menu…

We always like to keep our menu fresh here at the Way Fairer Bistro and we think our chefs have really outdone themselves with their latest creation. If you’re looking to keep the calories off, or if you’re unlucky enough to have an intolerance to gluten then you’ll love our new Hispanic Omelette. Featuring free-range eggs, Fairtrade avos and even locally sourced coriander this is a dish that offers plenty of nutritional goodness as well as bags of flavour.

Using the avocado instead of mayonnaise, our chefs whip up a fresh coleslaw with lime, cabbage, carrot, onion and a slice of chilli for a spicy zing. All of our omelettes are made fresh to order with a sprinkling of local cheddar and cooked on a medium heat to ensure they stay smooth and silky inside. In a couple of minutes they’re served on a plate with that lovely zingy ‘slaw and wedge of lime for an extra – we give you two because we know how addictive they are!

Come on in this summer to check out the boards to see what other great summer eats we have on offer.