Getting Stuck Into Some Renovations

Deep cleaning, wall painting and stage building!

We’re going to be closing down for the next few weeks in order to get some much needed renovation work done.

Before the Summer season truly gets into full swing we’ve decided to close down for a few days in order to get some vital work done on the building. Our little Bistro has always been a firm proponent of ‘shabby chic’. Much like the motley crew of excellent folks we have working here, the dining area exudes a cosy warmth and rustic sensibility. However, unlike our staff, this understated style has started to slide into flat-out decrepitude, so we thought it would be a good idea to spend some time breathing some life back into our beloved Bistro.

We’ve spent three days getting some vital work done, hopefully you’ll appreciate the hard work we’ve put in:

Hanging doors…

At several points during these days some of us wished we’d taken time off instead of coming in. None of us had ever hung a door before and, as a result, it was quite the challenge fitting the 6 modern composite doors that we’d managed to get our grubby little mitts on. Whilst not the most exciting addition to our Bistro, we had all fallen foul of the rickety wooden ones that we were replacing at some point during the last year, so we were more than happy to sort them out – we just wish it hadn’t taken so long!

Deep cleaning the kitchen!

When we hire any new team members we’re always transparent when it comes to explaining how much cleaning they will have to do (hint: A LOT!). Our kitchen is kept hygienic throughout our services, however there are always the odd nooks and crannies that evade even our most meticulous cleaners. These three days gave us a clear opportunity to reach into those dirty corners and give them a good scrub. Everyone pitched in (even the bosses!) and the place has never looked better!

Redecorating and sprucing.

Whilst doors were being hung and the kitchen was being scrubbed, a few (luckier) employees were given the task of redecorating the entire Bistro. Although they had to use the previous colour scheme that our customers have come to grow and love, they were give complete creative control over the brand new blackboard murals which will be adorning our walls for the rest of the Summer. These murals are a perfect example of how we allow our employees to take ownership of their workplace, something that we believe is key to their satisfaction.

Erecting the new stage…

After a string of successful music events we’ve managed to raise enough money to purchase a permanent stage for the Bistro. Before this we were using temporary stage blocks which always felt a little amateurish, but our new custom built stage certainly dispels that vibe. Thanks to an investment in rugged foldaway furniture we’ll be able to make use of the space for dining during the day, whilst the space beneath can be used to store our sound equipment.

We’d like to thank you all for bearing with us for the last few days and we hope you enjoy the new renovations!