Maintenance Issues and Our First Wayfairer Hero

We’re struck by cooker maladies and also shine a light on our first ever Wayfairer Hero.

Getting Our Hands Dirty

This week we’ve come across our first technical problems since opening our doors. When we first bought in equipment for the Bistro our purchasing decisions were motivated by our financial limitations. Having struggled to scrape together the funds to purchase the building in the first place, it should come as no surprise that buying catering standard equipment was going to be out of the question for us, so we opted instead for multiple used New World domestic cookers that have served us pretty well. We’ve looked after them, even going so far as hiring an expert oven cleaner to sort them out when they got a bit dirty a few years ago. We invited Kerry, an expert in oven cleaning in Aylesbury to help us out and then, and have had no problems with them…up until recently.

Although we’d saved money initially in purchasing used units, around 2 years later we were paying for this saving. In the last few week several components in our New World cookers have been failing as as result of the intense strain we’ve been putting them under. Luckily because we bought 4 of the same model, we’ve been able to get hold of a complete range of New World cooker spare parts through a portal online, allowing us to get the kitchen back up and running in a matter of a few days.

Despite being technically hobbled for a couple of lunch services we’re still confident in the ovens that we’re using and, although we’ve got the funds to invest in better equipment, we’re going to hold onto our faithful New World cookers for a little while longer yet.

Wayfairer Heroes: Jeff Naylor – Our Local Organic Baker

Jeff Naylor started working on his wheat farm with his Father back in the late 80s. His Dad was a strict adherent to old school farming techniques – things were done the old way, most of the time using outdated machinery, something that was Jeff tried to persuade his Father to move away from.

As time wore on the financial situation of the business began to deteriorate. Soon it became clear that the old methods that his Father had espoused were simply not good enough anymore – put simply: something needed to change. By the turn of the Millennium, Jeff’s Father had passed away leaving what remained of the farm business to him. Knowing that the future of the farm, as well as the livelihood of those that worked for it were hanging in the balance, Jeff took several calculated risks in order to keep his business afloat.

Having noticed the ever increasing presence of organic and specialist foods at his local Farmers Market, Jeff decided to steer his own farm in that direction to corner a market and supply the local area with the ingredients needed to create their own specialist foods. Arable farming had long been a staple for the farm, but now they focused solely on the production of grains and seeds that would become the core component of Jeff’s signature product: bread!

Nearly 20 years later and Jeff has successfully made the transition from farmer to baker, specialising in the creation of loaves that are perfect for people with certain dietary needs. Although he’s passed on management of his farm over to his own sons now, Jeff still ensures that the employees of his businesses are treated fairly and that his product remains of the highest quality for miles around.

Drop in sometime and try some of our ‘Stuff-on-Toast‘ to taste the quality for yourself!