Our Ethos

The Way Fairer Bistro Ethos

We aim to serve food that is responsibly created from the farm to the plate.

Employees that are treated right.

Believe in the individuals need to be just that, that’s why we don’t tell our employees to wear any kind of uniform, in fact the only clothing restrictions we put in place are those laid down by Government sanctioned Health & Safety rules. We think people work best when they feel valued as people, so we try our best to accommodate any requests for holiday and time off. Everyone in our company from the manager down to the waiter on his/her/their first day has the same rights when it comes to how they should be treated and we try our best to ensure that these rights are upheld.

Food that is responsibly sourced

Operating as an independent business has plenty of benefits when compared to working for a bigger company. From our base in the South West we are able to source nearly 90% of our ingredients locally so that we can provide our customers with high-quality food whilst also supporting the local farmers and businesses that have made this area so special to set up shop in. Everything from our dairy produce, meat and even our bread is sourced locally so our menu doesn’t compromise on flavour or on ethics.

Reducing waste and emissions

Many see the food industry as being synonymous with waste, but we don’t believe the two necessarily have to go hand in hand. Our custom built stock ordering system ensures that we never over-order any one product and although this often leads to us selling out of certain meals, it also means that out waste is kept extremely low. We aim to use recyclable materials as much as possible, work on a paperless admin system and also pride ourselves on our low-energy usage – it also gives us an excuse to dim the lights for an extra romantic vibe throughout the evenings.