Oven Cleaning, Pudding Pots and Dairy Farms

Our Chefs Get Creative and Our Ovens Get Cleaned

We hire some help to sort our ovens out and our chefs create a lovely sweet treat that will be guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

We get our ovens deep cleaned

Some jobs are simply too filthy for our crew to tackle alone and scrubbing our well-used ovens is certainly one of them. Although our chefs always make sure that our kitchen is absolutely spotless at the end of each shift, our New World ovens are notoriously tricky to keep clean. As with all of our gear, the ovens are scheduled in for an annual deep clean which guarantees that we stay within Health & Safety guidelines and that our equipment continues to perform at optimum levels.

After taking a look at some online reviews for the best oven cleaners we stumbled across Ovenu, a well-established brand that has seemingly cornered the oven cleaning industry. We gave them a call and we soon had a strapping young lad knocking on our door looking to take our oven apart. After just two hours, Michael had completely dismantled and deep-cleaned all our ovens and left them looking like they were brand new. Needless to say, we’ll be leaving our own positive review in due course.

Fairtrade Banana Peanut Butter

Everyone’s got a favourite dessert and this was certainly a contender when our chefs passed some samples out last weekend. We tasked our cooks with creating a brand new dessert for our Summer menu that put delicious Fairtrade goods front and centre; so that’s exactly what they did with their latest creation.

Our new Fairtrade Banana Peanut Butter Pudding Pot is deliriously tasty whilst also being pretty good for you! High in protein and low in added sugar, these pudding pots are made with Fairtrade tofu, bananas and a big dollop of organic peanut butter. We know our waiting staff had a great time tasting these new puds, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy trying them too!

Honouring our dairy supplier

Each and every one of our new healthy Fairtrade Peanut Butter Pudding Pots are topped with a dollop of delicious fresh whipped cream (arguably detracting from the healthy side of it) that we receive daily from local dairy producer: Jacob Masterson. The quality of the cream really makes this dessert which is why we’ve decided to highlight Jacob as our Wayfairer Hero for his commitment to animal welfare and end product quality.

We sent Oona, our head waitress, down to Jacob’s farm to meet him, as well as the 300 or so cows that he and his team rear, just a few miles away from the Bistro. Here’s Oona’s write up of the visit:

“I’ve always loved cows. Their big dopey eyes are so cute and they’re always so gentle with their young. Although I’ve eaten my fair share of steaks in my time, I have to admit that I might hesitate before I order another one after visiting Jacob’s farm. I know many people don’t like the smell of cows, but it’s something that you get used to when you live in our neck of the woods and it’s certainly something that Jacob doesn’t mind, especially when he has to look after over 300 of these beautiful creatures!”

You can try our new Fairtrade Banana Peanut Butter Pudding Pot for the rest of the Summer.