Ranjit’s Research Trip and a New Weekly Folk Night

New Events and Dishes Abound!

Jendrews Presents… will showcase new Folk, whilst our Ranjit gets inspiration from our local producers.

Jendrews return for a series of Folk events

Following the roaring success of our first folk night with the great Terry Jendrews, we’ve decided to continue holding charitable music events with the celebrated folkman curating each and every event for the next year.

Jendrews Presents… will be a showcase for the country’s finest upcoming folk acts, as well as providing a stage for some of the other elder statesmen of the genre who, like Terry, are looking to dust off their guitars for the occasional jaunt.

Terry has just finished putting together his first lineup, here’s what he had to say about it: 

“It’s an absolute privilege for me to be curating this weekly event for Way Fairer. My show here, just a few weeks ago, was a great success and it raised some much-needed funds for some great causes; with that in mind I’m determined to make each Jendrews Presents… as good as the next, so that we can continue to help out the people who need it most.

I’ll be playing a few new songs to get things going and then I’ll be introducing Jessica Makeware, followed by The Bawdy Brothers. These are all young artists who have shown the utmost respect to folk as a genre and I can’t wait to introduce them to you all!”

We’ll be selling tickets for Jendrews Presents… in the Bistro, so make sure you drop by to pick yours up!

Ranjit’s Trip to the Slaughterhouse!

Whilst 50% of our workforce is vegan, the other 50% love to eat meat.

Although many folks are surprised to find that we serve meat, we stand by our commitment of providing ethical food, which means that we always ensure that all the meat that ends on your plate has been fairly treated whilst it was living and breathing. The way we keep to this promise is by visiting all of our meat suppliers in person, this is easy for us as all our meat is supplied by local producers!

Recently, our newest recruit Ranjit took a visit to our poultry supplier to get an understanding of what we’re about here and to find some inspiration for his first dish. Here are his thoughts, in his own words:

“I’d never been to a chicken farm before, so I was interested to see what Tony, our poultry supplier, had to show me. I’d always imagined chicken farms as being lots of cages and a terrible smell, but when I arrived, it was clear to see that Tony cared for his livestock.

Hundreds of chickens, ducks, pigeons and quails were milling around in carefully segmented fields with oodles of space. Tony showed me the hatchery, where the next batch of birds were getting ready to hatch and he gave me a tour around the ethically-focused abattoir. I left his farm confident that Way Fairer had made the right choice picking him as a supplier, I was also inspired to create a dish that would exhibit the best of what his farm had to offer.”

You can taste Ranjit’s Triple-Bird Curry in the Bistro for the next fortnight – get it whilst you can!